Assigned and Assange

Lately i have had reasons to question if nuclear cleansing (or at least chemical lobotomy) would not be a good solution in regards to humanity, or at least parts of it. The smaller of these things, the dismissal of  charges against Julian Assange as his cockroaching have made it impossible to push any sane and orderly legal action against him. Not unlike a fucking ransomware he got to dictate his own terms. But in doing so i have a solid opinion of his guilt. Not that he cares... But in my eyes he will always be a small man with a James Bond complex (and as such is pretty rapey by default.) and i have no doubt that he committed sexual assault and rape... Perhaps not the assault kind.... But still. I am glad that the circus have come to an end and that no more tax payer crowns will be spent on the fucker. I do wished that he would have been sentenced but a gilded cage is still a cage.  As long as his arse remain locked up he will not be out and about sticking his Jimmy where it does not belong.

Now while Assange is man full of him self.. In the larger scheme he is fairly insignificant. Unlike the inbreed troglodytes who decided to ruin the life of the creator of the Assigned Male comic. This comic depicts the trials and tribulations of being a trans-person in the current world. And manages to put a bit of positivity in it. This ofc rubbed some people the wrong way and a bunch of proclaimed nazi organized a combined hack and dox attack. This.... Is some real fucking bullshit. You can dislike the trans-movement all you want and as long as you keep that to muttering while you hatewank in your chamber... Nobody can´t really do much.. freedom of mind and all that.

But if you bring that in to the real world, getting a fucking terrorist attack going... Because make no fucking mistake... That is what it is... While it may look like a individual to individual attack it is by extent a attack at an entire section of society, not to mention society it self as it denies the freedom of it´s members. Going that far.. is way to far.

So this form of terrorism do a good job of illuminating how far we as a society have to go. Why things like PRIDE and the brave people on the barricades are still needed. And why we (as in men... because as sad as i am to admit.. a lot of the shit posted online comes form people who identify as born male in a male body.) need to deal with the idiotic shit that previous generation have created, it is our legacy and our task to break down. Toxic masculinity, macho culture, homo and trans-phobia and all the other dumb shit way to many still hold as gospel.

Sadly i fear things will get worse before it gets better... That is how it usually goes. Fortunately i still have hope as many of the people who educate your kids... .. . They are on the side of inclusion and tolerance. They get raised right and sane...

How about the Assange use his new freedom to track these sort of networks down. But i somehow get a feeling that he would not, even if he could.

Stay safe, be kind and play fair.


Dr Who..? Season 10 thoughts so far.

To be honest after the last season of Dr Who i did not have much hope. While i did enjoy the Capaldi doctor from time to time i did not feel much investment in Colemans Oswald. Not really Colemans  fault, she did what she could with what she had. It was just a bad character. So i did have some reservations towards the new season. But to my surprise the new companion as Bill Potts played by Pearl Mackie is both funny and a bit of a internet snark... Calling out some of the sci-fi tropes that usually we the audience have to call out. Now i am not sure how the entire season will play out but so far it is looking good. Now there is a second auxiliary character in the form of Nardole played by Matt Lucas. A reoccurring character from the Christmas specials of late.  His role is that of chaperon and conscience to the Doctor. Making sure that the later does not go over the edge. The series does also pay some homage to the complaints over the lack of of a sonic screwdriver. 

I will get back to the subject once we are deeper in to the series. But as mentioned. So far so good.  

Until next time
Stay safe, be kind and play fair. 



Easter... Egg? Gothcon

So Easter have come and gone and for me that most of the time means spending time in Gotheburg attending the Swedish boardgame/miniture/TCCG/RPG convention Gothcon. Now as far as international cons goes this is a small one with around 2000 people (that can be reliably tracked). But as far as this type of conventions goes in the Nordic region it is one of the larger. Beyond that things would feel fairly similar to other cons, you play games, hang out with people you only see once or twice a year and spend money on stuff you probably should not spend money on like... well..more games. 

But first and foremost it is the atmosphere that gets me every time. Because no matter how protective and elitist different sub-factions of physical gaming culture can get (and trust me... it can) once you set foot inside the con, you are at home. Around you are people who are as if not more geeky and nerdy as you are and nobody judge you for it. This of course rings true for any sub-culture con but since i am a gamer and i this is my hobby. This is where i call home 

So what did i do over these four days? Well apart from having a look at a metric ton of stuff i liked to buy i took the time to sit down with some games i was unable or unlikely to be able to play at home. It was nice to be able to play games and not mind the real world outside. The highlight of the weekend was oddly enough a tiny storytelling RPG. One of those that you pick a random scenario and just roll with it. Ours was a team of the most failed superheroes this side of the Great Lake Avengers. But it is a type of game i really enjoy when i am in the right mode because it lets me flex my storytelling muscles. I think the game it self was called Followers or some such. Anyway getting to sit down with a table of people and together weave a story is something that always have and i hope always will bring warmth to my heart. 

Now fortunate enough for me i do not have to wait very long for the next con as we have one coming up in my home town in about a month. expect a more in-depth write up of that one as i can get some decent sleep during that con. The perks of being withing walking distance. 

Anyway, that was just a quick update on what i have been up to. For a review of the games i played head over to spelkult.se in the coming week or so. 

Until next time

Stay safe, be kind and play fair. 



To see your heroes grow old.

I was for many years in my youth a big fan of wrestling. especially the WWE (WWF back then) variety. Now I of course, did grow up in a world where the kayfabe, the masquerade of wrestling being anything beyond a well-rehearsed show had fallen. We all knew the wizard behind the machine. But it was still very interesting and not to mention difficult as heck to get ahold of. Now everyone who watches wrestling does at some point end up with a favourite wrestler. Mine was always Mark Calaway. Better known as "the Undertaker". A beast of a man, a hair short of 210 cm and for most of his career built like a brick house. He was also initially a very mobile wrestler as he was doing high flyer moves in an era of American wrestling where big wrestler tended to be slow power wrestler. As time went by many others would push the game forward. But the Undertaker was also always carried by his other gimmick, he was able to "call upon dark powers" to ignore hits and moves. This did grant him an air of indestructibility that really played into the same power fantasy as superman. 

But this was over 20 years ago and as I out of curiosity watched a recap of Wrestlemania 33 that happened this last weekend. The Undertaker headlined the event and every single one of those 20+ years could be seen in his face, his body and how he moved. It was in a way heartbreaking. A part of me really wished that he would have hanged up his boots a lot earlier. Not having to see him go through matches being carried, made to look good by others as his body does not longer have the power to really do that himself.  

Now there would be no shame in doing that, the Undertaker have been wrestling for over 25 years. Most athletes retire long before that and many WWE wrestlers work shows every week, sometimes several shows a week. That does take its toll on the body. But for some insane reason Mark Calaway kept on wrestling. While wrestling as a "sport" is fake, the action is as real as any stuntwork and many times more dangerous. It does leave its marks on the body. 

So as I watched the end of the match and once it was over I saw the Undertaker slowly remove his gloves, his coat and then finally his hat. His face a mix of sadness and relief. Then Mark Calaway exited the ring but for the first time, the Undertaker stayed. In the ring, a legend laid and walking up the ramp was a 52 year old man. I hope this is the actual retiring of the Undertaker. Not built up with any hype or made a spectacle of. It was quiet and dignified. The proper way to send off someone who have been a hero me and many others. 

But it is the end of an era and I do feel a tinge of sadness but at the same time I am glad that Mark Calaway finally is free from the alter ego that was and in many ways still is the Undertaker. But there will never ever be someone as dedicated to his craft as the Undertaker, nor as dedicated to the whole idea of the spectacle of wrestling.  


Mass Effect or Mess Affect...?

Oh boy did EA manage to piss people off with the release of Mass Effect Andromeda. 

Now my guess is that most people, like me. Had a fairly balanced opinion on the chance that EA would not in some way cock up the next chapter in the most beloved space saga on modern entertainment media. But we do very little in the way of waves on the internet. 

No! it is the loud people tossing a fit that get into the media. Now this was fairly meek coming on the heels of the "Jim sterling gave Breath of the wild a 7" tac nuke that had people losing not only their shit but literally try to melt someone with anger. It did also help that people had an actual cause for their anger. The game shipped with some serious issues such as poor animations and a story that need a few hours to get going. 

Personally, I was expecting the 4th game to be much like the third. That is not as bad as one might expect. I did like the third game but I also saw the entire game as one long ending chapter.Wrapping up some nice stories and the conclusion to  Mordin Solus arc made the entire series for me. At the point of the third game, I was pretty sure that some serious Deus Ex Machina shit would have to go down. Because there was no other way to solve the whole reaper issue. Now I did not really expect an actual god machine but hey, in the end it does not matter if you see the wizard or just the strings being pulled. The illusion is still broken. So I mostly disregard the last 10-ish minutes of the game and enjoy the ride to get there. I am sure that I will view the fourth entry into the series in the same way but I do get why people are pissed. 

Now the game in general is jaw-dropping and I found myself eerily fascinated by the face wrinkle system. And for some weird reasons, I find myself invested in the characters around the Ryders. Time will tell if that is enough to carry the game and if it will be enough of a hit to get proper sequels. 

For now Mass Effect Andromeda is a flawed game with potential. 

Also why does it always have to be some ancient but now lost civilisation...? It makes sense from a reality perspective but we kinda been there done that. 

Until next time, stay safe, be kind and play fair. 



Iron Fist. Putty in a silk glove or seriously good? (spoilers)

Did the Marvel/Netflix behemoth do their first bungle?

Well according to the score aggregators. Yes.

But i personally think that is mostly due to the expectations not being met. You see Iron fist is not kung-fu action series, it is in fact not really a kung-fu anything... Like most other of the Marvel/Netflix shows it is a personal drama about facing great personal adversity. In this specific case, it is a pretty much spot on "fish out of water" story about how someone who is basically an emotionally stunted child in a grown man's body with an understanding of the modern world of a 10-year-old. 

Now that does not for a good trailer make and I feel that Netflix was feeling a bit like I do about the character... Danny Rand is dry white toast (in the comics usually clad in green and yellow spandex) with the personality of a Weetabix. So they did not really have much to work with. Most of Danny's good stuff comes from bouncing his dry wit off Luke Cage in the comics and his role is most of the time the sage and calm centre. He is of course not at that place in the series... In fact, in the series he is dumb as rocks. But in a way that does make me at least sympathetic towards him. We also need to remember that Matt Murdock carried a pretty big idiot ball in the first season too. 

Now the worry i have is how they are going to complete Danny´s journey before the defenders (or more realistically at the start of the Defenders) to give him a role outside of "glowing punch guy". I guess he could have the Tony Stark role for the team. Using his money to solve some of the issues like transport and medicine. But for all intents, acting as the moral and emotional centre of the group. I have a difficult time seeing that. 

But the show is solid and while I feel the lack of a solid villain might a bit distracting  It does open up for some serious twists and keep you invested in what will happen. But just stay away from the idea of this being something akin to a Jackie Chan movie. 

Because it sure as heck is not. 

Until next time.

Stay safe, be kind and play fair. 


Logan... My opinions (no spoilers)

Ok to be fair... By no spoilers i mean no more than the trailers have spoiled (actually less) but fair warning is fair. 

So now this movie is way more in line with the MCU movies as in it is a story that happen to contain super heroes. It is not really s story about super heroes who does stuff. Now my biggest complaint is that the version we saw had a horrid audio mix but that might be down to the cinema and not the movie. But it was LOUD at times and not a pleasant gut punch loud, no this was a more along the lines of shaking your teeth kind of loud. 

Did not detract from the story at large, but worth mentioning. 

So on to the movie it self. 

There is not much i can say about the plot without going in to spoilers so i will simply say that the story is well written and hit all the notes i would expect from such a story, the only nicks being that it get a bit lazy in the third act. But that might be due to editing, i can see a extended version solving some of those issues. It does also tie in nicely to the two previous movies without winking and nudging so much that you have to watch the, A basic familiarity with the character is enough. All in all it holds together to the end and wraps up in a satisfying way. 

Visually it is a stunning movie, the sets look very good, music and soundscape ties things together and the final track in the movie will do you in. Is it the best super hero movie... No not by a long shot, Nor is it even the best Marvel movie in my mind (that is still GotG). but it is with out a doubt the best movie featuring Wolverine in my opinion. The supporting cast is also very solid and i really like the story beats they choose to go with. 

Gha... I do not really know what to say... Go and see it, it is worth the price of the ticket. 

I will do a more spoilery dissection in a week or so. Because there is much to talk about. 

But for now.  

Stay safe, be kind and play fair.