The road ahead...

So as the year slowly get rolling things are looking bleak as fuck... Well on a macro level at least. Personally things are looking fairly good. I have a good job and most of my health.. at least as much as a man of my girth can ask for.. and then some.

But beyond that it is pretty much "start stockpiling cans and bottle water" level. Not only is Trump fucking nuts... Perhaps even literally. The Brits decided to fuck them self and people with opinions that  years ago would call for a permanent vacation home in Argentina are getting platforms all over the place.

So the next couple of years are going to be interesting.

But on the flip side of that, being a geek right now is fucking fabulous, between the Marvel and DC movies/Tv series and every kind of merch one could ever ask for my only sad emotion is that i am not swimming in cash. This is also the year that i decided to do like EVERYONE else and  run a YT channel as a hobby project. I have talked about this earlier but not until now have i actually the PC to let me do it proper. I do not really have a goal, i´l be happy for any views i get and it is mostly for fun (and a way to keep my self motivated to play around in Premier) but since i never tire of my own voice and think that i am pretty awesome this will be a vanity project if i ever saw one. tune in to TAWESS on YT to see what that turns in to.

Beyond that the blog will continue on ever Tuesday and i promise to keep on posting stupid and irrelevant stuff.

Yeah... I am sooo out of stuff to write about today... Sorry...

Until next time, stay safe, be kind and play fair... Bye.


In sickness... We trust. Ghosts we bust.

So this is a bit late.

My bad.

I got some form of bug in the system.

But that is neither here nor there at this point. Lets get on with the show.

So i finally got around to seeing the new Ghostbusters movie. And while i respect that people have a differing opinion. It is a good movie, it is stupid and goofy and all i really want from a popcorn flick. Especially as i never really considered the original one to be anything beyond a good comedy. Maybe it is this freedom from the shackles of nostalgia that seem to have afflicted so many people online, that gave the opportunity to just see it for what it is. 

The idea that something have to surpass it´s source in every way. That is a dangerous one. Because it leads to either building way to much hype or becoming a eternal cynic. Of course in this day and age there is good biz to getting the hate-train. In fact i daily find new channels and blogs that thread that path as their sole and only thread. This is not new but it becomes so visible when your entire front page on You Tube is plastered with it. Not to mention how quick people are to ump down the throat of anyone not getting on the train. I have talked before on how the pure naked rage seen online these days is kind of disturbing. I know that most people are like me, people who can look at an issue and say "well i do not agree" without calling for someones head. 

For an example, let me use the example of Anita Sarkeesian, I far from agree with all she says. In fact i could argue some points until my head falls off. But not only does i see that someone had to take those lumps, stick their neck out and have it more or less chopped off. Because being polite and conforming would not have worked. So i simply shrug my shoulders, build some more or less logical arguments for the points i disagree and then go on my merry way. Should i ever end up in a conversation with her i know what to do. No way along the way is that to make threats or send someone actual shit in the mail. 

I feel this very much apply to the new Ghostbusters movie. Some people more or less competed to be the biggest arsehole on the internet. Of course this did have little impact on the movies numbers and i honestly think that SONY was happy about all the free marking they got. Not only was the movie constantly in the limelight but due to the angry people on the internet. Everybody had to have an opinion. I also hpope they stick to their guns and push the sequel because the universe is actually a good one. Heck in some ways i think it surpass the original. 

It is only a bit sad that it´s legacy will always be tainted by the toxic sludge it spawned. 

anyway... Enough rambling. Now i am going to down some cold pills and sleep. 

Stay safe, be kind and play fair. 


A Star Wars story: Rogue One. - No spoilers impressions

So this will be as per usual the more spoiler free version, no major plot point or stuff revealed (beyond what is revealed in the ep 4 crawl). More my own opinions and feelings about the movie in general and it´s place in the greater universe.

It was fucking awesome .. .

In my opinion at least.

It was for all intents and purposes getting the whole wink n nod thing right. Unlike The Force Awakens that more or less pelted you over the head with oh look at this callback to the old movies. Rogue one does it a lot smoother and gentler. The plot, as far as you need it can be read in the opening crawl of ep 4. But it was a very good story and it wraps up nicely. This is important seeing as this movie is a sort of stand-alone movie. You do not like to have sequel or cross-over bait in a stand-alone movie. Sure it has a fairly large cast and more than a few of them end up nothing more than a face on the screen. But the core cast is solid and it is a diverse set of characters. Very nice to see and a welcome nuance from the Force Awakens.
The movie also gets both the visual and the audio bits really right. Beyond some really impressive special effects it also have a good overall visual style. The different planets are distinct and we get some new ones. Like the beach settings as well as some old classics. The audio is as solid as always, things sounds and feels the way it should.
It is also nice to see Disney are using the lessons learned from the Marvel movies and incorporate parts from the broader universe. This also explains why they first wiped the slate clean with the old expanded universe. Being able to pick out the best crumbs of 30+ years of brainstorming must be awesome.
Anyway. I will do a more spoiler type review next week. But my general thoughts are tat you should go see this if you like Star Wars or space fantasy in general.

Just don´t let your expectations choke you.



Tracer stirred up some emotions // rip Carrie Fisher

While i was writing this post i read that Carrie Fisher died from what it looks like right now complications as result of a earlier hearth attack, So let me pay my respects to the first lady of Star Wars. While i have no personal connection to Carrie Fisher, her work both as an actor and outside have been a inspiration to me and many others. She will be missed but it is in a way fitting that she ended her career working on the same franchise that catapulted her in to the spotlight and in the long run gave her a platform (and that maybe in it´s own way claimed her life in the end) Rest In Peace. 

Now back to your regular scheduled programming

I held off on making this post because i wanted to get a better image of any impact it might have. You see in it´s latest free comic for Overwatch Blizzard presented us with Tracers girlfriend. This in it self should not raise many eyebrows, after all characters are presented as having partner all the time in the entertainment medium. But you see, Tracer is ofc a girl. So this is political in many ways. Not only is it a pretty much unseen example of representation, a character that is not only well established and given a rich backstory but that is also the face of the brand. Tracer is the de facto poster girl for Overwatch, having been not only in the initial marketing material but also on the standard box art. Now i am a very cynical human being that honestly do not trust humanity at large to handle anything more dangerous then a sponge without trying to hurt them self or someone else. So i walked in to the Blizzards and other forums expecting to see a full and utter shitstorm... And to my delight and surprise i found very little of that (if one does a signal/noise analysis) sure you had some trolls trying to fan the flames and some people who seemed outright sad. But for the most of it people where either indifferent or positive. Most felt that the introduction by the way of a comic with family as the theme was fitting and not forced. Many like me also felt that the act it self carry a lot of weight but that it does not really change the character. Tracer is still Tracer. 

So Blizzard have issued a challenge of sort, proving that you can make someones sexuality a non-issue even if it breaks the typical mold. Tracer is not defined by her sexuality, she is defined by her personality (and that she is sort of unglued from time... As one tends to be. ). Who she dates is at the same time not important but also very important from the perspective of representation. Because the more exposure something gets, the more "normal" it becomes. This is an aspect i feel some people miss when they say thing like "we do not need the Pride movement" or "why can´t we just keep things like that in our homes." 

Rocking the boat is always going to create people who want to get back to status quo. Even if they are part of the community doing the rocking. But if nobody ever rock the boat, people in general will never know they are actually on the boat. 

So thank you Blizzard for doing this and... well... Cheers luv, the cavalry is here. 


So 2016... People seem to be upset with you.

This year the tune in my social feed pretty much went like this "Hey 2016.. Why did you do X" with the implication that it has been a shit year. This i think says more about my age than it does anything else. You see the way i look at it is that my generation have been getting its first real taste of A: mortality and B: reality.

You see everything is cyclic, and much like the sweet summers children that we are we have been riding one such cycle that we now see coming to a close. All the "greats" are dying and the world is hitting "the shitter". Only that if we compare this to many other years in western society's long and storied past, 2016 have been a fairly good year. But that is of course  besides the point, after all compared to the black plague this year have been one of blissful bathing in milk and honey.

But the sheer naked fear that have been the reaction to the world (and by world i am talking about the US and north + central Europe... you know.. the world) changing. That is what has sort of taken me aback. Now i saw my fair share of bullying back in school and i am no real stranger to people being irrationally cruel or spiteful. But Jesus fucking Christ in a playpen.... The unstable nutjobs that usually occupy the sort of fringe where people have relatives who in the 50´s moved from Germany to Argentina or enjoy dressing up in white sheets and pointy hats, these people have not moved in to center stage and they look like a mix between a smug Garfield and Jimmy Cricket after a week on acid... Worst of course is that they infect the general population with their own brand of paranoia. This in turn makes things look a lot more shit than it really is. This in turn leads to things like the Swedish Democrats or Trump in politics and violence in the society.

Personally i used to give these fringe elements and the people they inspire a bit of slack, understanding that for many it is just a matter of society changing to fast for them... And in all honesty most people do not have the flexibility to constantly re-evaluate their morals and values. But i have had fucking enough. 2017 will be a year of me leveraging all my education, ability to do research and.. well... intelligence to grind people like that in to paste. I´l take every last shred of foul play and suppression techniques i know to run them in to the ground. They have had about 5 years to get their shit in order and if they refuse to do that... Why should i be the nice and polite one trying to cushion their emotional fallout as i deconstruct their arguments.

Not so much any more. I have spent 5+ years at a university learning how to look at the world from outside my little box, i do not demand that you do that.... But using Google and some common sense is not to much to ask.

Anyway... Next week we will be looking at my top picks from the entertainment media for 2016.



Random rants and musings

So the year is coming to a close and while i am not going to post my retrospect yet, saving that for the holiday. But i am starting to feel like this year has worn out its welcome. Not only have it been a utter shit show in the politics... domestic as well as abroad (thanks USA) but it has also been a fairly hit and miss in the cinemas and on TV. At least the gaming scene have had some good offers. More than a few "better than expected". But i´l get back to that later in the month. 

Now the thing that have made the most impact in my consumption of entertainment media came about this black Friday, i finally upgraded my computer... Or more correctly.. Replaced seeing as most components were 6+ years old, Any way this new machine is a monster compared to the old machine and for all intents does the job it need to do. It is sort of VR ready and play almost anything i need it to play without missing a single pace. Sure it will not do 4K anytime soon but i have no real need to go there at this point. But i can say this, it is pretty funny to see how much better one does when one does not have to fight the computer and the framerate. Overwatch is a dream right now and PvP in the Crew finally works.

I had a theory before in regards to PvP in the Crew. I did not notice it until Wild Run brought in the Summit PvP. In that everyone get the same car at the same level with the same parts. In short.. it is all about the driving (in theory) but i kept falling behind in every race. Not skipping or rubber-banding, just going slowly. I had my suspicions about why but now it is confirmed. I´l actually start recording some nice PvP action to show of my not so stellar driving skills.

Beyond that i have just had a blast going back through the old library and see what this new rig does to the games i have. Also making plans to pick up a few new ones like Watchdogs 2 and Titanfall 2. But for now i am just enjoying buttery smooth gameplay.

Anyway... That will be it i think. Apart from the upcoming quick look at Rogue One  sometime after Christmas i have no solid plans on content right now. Will do a top ten and retrospect around new years and sort of looking forward. 

As always, be kind and stay safe. 

It felt fittingly random. Hetty for president. 


Some small changes

Going forward updates will happen Tuesdays due to real life getting in the way... And with that PSA.. On to the news... or well.... you know.

So while there have been a lot of news for games that i play and enjoy, i feel i need a bit more time to digest and reflect on these news.

One thing i do not need to reflect over is the news of a new Mechwarrior game, now i have been playing MechWarrior Online for a good long time and i am eagerly awaiting the strategy-ish game from HBS. But my first and most enduring encounter with the Battletech universe was Mechwarrior 2 back in ye olden days. Since then i have played most of the iterations of the Mechwarrior franchise, only missing out on some expansions here and there... Also Mechassault... Missed out on that... not very sad.

But now comes a brand new single player story driven MW game. But to add frosting to my delicious mech cake, it is Piranha Studios that are developing it, the same people who brought about MW:O. So MW5 will be sharing models with  MW:O, and this is good because no matter what one feel about how MW:O plays. They have done a great job turning the often fuggly line art of the old tabletop rulebooks in the awesome 3D models.

Anyway.. if you at this point is feeling a bit confused as to what i am talking about... Have a teaser trailer.

Updates as they will happen in the coming years.