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Happy halloween Terror.. Overwatch halloween event

So my favorite non-diplomatic solution to inter-personal conslicts OverWatch just got its first proper seasonal event. It is a spooky tale of a mad scientist and his abominabel creation. This event brings more themed costumes and other in-game goodies. But it also give us a taste of some proper PvE gameplay as we are presented with a horde mode. Now i would love to tell you how it works but so far the cue is infinite and the gameplay is scarce. I´l have to get back with more info at a later date.

Now the skins are a good mix of new models and re-colored regular skins. But unlike the previous summer games event you can actually buy these with in-game gold (for now it seems) making the grind a little less painful. And there are some wicked skins.  I´l show them off below. But for now this seem to be a massive step up from the summer games and unless the brawl is a down right bust it will be setting a nice bar for the coming seasonal events to follow.

Skin spoilers incoming

Ana - Ghoul (re-color)

Bastion - Tombstone (re-color)

Hanzo - Demon (re-color)

Junkrat - Dr Junkenstein (new model)

Mercy - Witch (new model)

Pharah - Possesed (re-color)

Reaper - Pumpkin (new model)

Reinhardt - Coldheardt (re-color)

Roadhog - the Monster (new model)

Soldier 76 - Immortal (re-color)

Symetra - Vampire (re-color)

Zenyatta - Skullyatta (re-color)

Enjoy and take care.


Of birds and battlemechs.

So i said i was going to give a more in depth review on miss Peregrines home for peculiar children today once i had become more familiar with the source material and had the movie sink in a bit. Turns out it was a fairly good and honest book to movie adaptation. As a non-fan of the books there is nothing i can complain about or even feel is worth pointing out. My recommendation still stands. Go see it, if not for some light and harmless entertainment. 

So that left me with a feeling of... What the heck to write about now.... .. . So after downing  a can of that peculiar brand of battery acid called Monster i was sugared up enough to see in to a new plane of existence. This did shit for coming up with new ideas but at least i felt productive. 

So i am going to take the time to talk about one of my current favorite shows on youtube. Seeing how that now have replaced my viewing of the TV. Anyway, the show is called Death from Above and it is produced by Hyper RPG. It is a RPG/Tabletop show based on the Battletech strategy miniature game. The same game that spawned the MechWarrior/Mechcommander series of computer games. 

The setup is simple, There is a classic storytelling/free form-ish RPG session  followed by a rpg/tabletop strategy session. In it we can follow a mercenary crew as they try to navigate the treacherous politics of 3025... in a backwater part of the galaxy nobody really cares about. Sarna.net have a good write up on the history and lore of the Battletech universe but in short it is a miniature wargame about walking tanks and the people who pilot them... This game was created back in the 
80´s and boy can you tell. 

Anyway the players in the show control both their character and the mech they pilot while the GM controls the rest apart from the "villain of the week" who is a guest star. Another thing to note is that this show is viewer founded and as a incitement viewers can buy different advantages or disadvantages that opens up for all matter of chaos. It also have perma-death,  so if one of the intrepid
"heroes" bits the bullet. They are gone form the show. 

Again not going to spoil the story (and i recommend avoiding the comments section if you are spoiler sensitive.) but i feel safe in saying that it is a a really nice story with some good twists and hearth warming amount of.. well.. hearth in it. =)

So go watch Death from above on Hyper RPG @ twitch and youtube

Until next time. Be safe.


Giveaway time. Star Trek Online PS4 faction packs

If you like to get your hand on one of the following packs just find me on twitter(@Tawessthemee) and retweet the announcement of the giveaway. Three lucky people will get a pack. If you want a specific one, mention that. =)

Starfleet Pack (Federation)
Delta Flyer and Pet!
NX-class Explorer
Rhode Island-class Science Vessel
Excelsior-class Cruiser
Sao Paulo-class Escort
Valiant-class Escort
Jupiter Uniform
7 of 9 Uniform
Liberated Borg Human Bridge Officer
Sehlet Cub Pet
Unique Character Titles

Legacy Pack (Romulan)
Scorpion Fighter and Pet!
T'varo-class Light Warbird
Dhael-class Warbird
Valdore-class Warbird
D'ridthau-class Warbird
Malem-class Light Warbird
TOS Uniforms
Nemesis Uniforms
Liberated Borg Reman Bridge Officer
Sehlet Cub Pet
Unique Character Titles

Empire Pack (KDF)
To'Duj Fighter and Pet!
B'rolth-class Bird of Prey
Qaw'Dun-class Bird of Prey
Koro't'inga-class Battlecruiser
Puyjaq-class Raptor
Negh'Tev-class Battlecruiser
Academy Uniforms
Mercenary Costumes
Liberated Borg Klingon Bridge Officer
Sehlet Cub Pet
Unique Character Titles


Extra delivery: Miss peregrine's home for peculiar children (non-spoiler review)

I watch Miss peregrine's home for peculiar children this very evening and walking in blind so to speak, being entirely unfamiliar with the source material I was partially bracing my self mentally. After all I sat through City of Bones and came out feeling like I had just gargled a kitten soaked in absinth... I was very confused. 

Good news... Miss peregrine's home for peculiar children is a coherent story that is fairly easy to follow and hit all the needed notes. I would even say that it is enjoyable as long as one can disengage the brain enough. 

I am not going to go in to the story at all because it is pretty much impossible to do so without spoiling things. But I have seen in being compared to the X-Men franchise and that is not a bad place to start. But it is still a coming of age story leaning on the classic heroes journey. So don´t expect a earth shattering experience with twists so sudden that you fall off your chair. Instead prepare for a fairly innocent and adorable young adult fantasy story with clear sides and distinct characters. Also the actors are well cast and do a very nice job, again nothing that will win a Oscar but still a solid performance. 

I will do a more in dept review come Monday (I need to look in to the source material among other things) but my initial thoughts are that you should go see it for a nice wind down from the summer blockbusters and enjoy something a bit more quiet before Marvel injects you with some digital LSD by the way of Benedict Cumberbatch.

A good movie and for the genre one of the best we have seen so far... Even if that in it self is not saying much.  

Be kind and stay safe. 


Calling all units on the Crew

So I was planning to talk about this earlier but my driving  game of choice is getting a expansion. Last time it was crazy car meets, this time it is centered around the blue lightning, the fuzz, the 5-0, the bear... Yeah.. The cops are getting some well needed reinforcement from the players. Take to the road as one of the boys and girls in blue, busting racerns and issuing fines like there is no tomorrow.  I am not going to rehash the info we have so far, just read up about it on the homepage for the Crew

I am sort of underwhelmed, it is not the expansion i was hoping for, not is it really one I feel the game needs, But then again in know it is a popular feature with many other players and it is fairly optional so I guess I will live with it. Also it give mes a chance to turn my Nissan Fairlady Z in to Prowl, expanding my lineup of Transformers inspired cars. 

With this expansion we will also get the Nissan GTR, the lovely computer on four wheels. That will make a bunch of people happy, but since it is a expansion exclusive car... it will make people angry. Ubisoft gives and Ubisoft takes away I guess. 

Beyond that i am waiting for the next Overwatch hero and looking towards Blizzcon. I think Blizzcon is the closest i get get to actually having a annual event that I watch. My Superbowl experience so to speak. Not as much that I feel I have to go to it but to sit down and watch it. This year is a odd one and i look forward to see what they will show off. 

Short post this week. 

But take care and be safe. 


So about that ARK DLC..

Wild Card, the studio behind famed  (and still in development) survival game ARK recently released the aptly named scorched earth expansion... Normally this would not be cause for any rising of eyebrows. 

But seeing how the core game is still not released, a paid expansion does sound a bit weird. Especially as this can look like using money people paid to develop the game to make something people need to pay for again. Creating a interesting double dip effect. Now i do not think it is quite as heinous as some very (very very very) vocal fans on the games steam page, but rather i feel it is a short term publicity suicide and a future thorn in the side of the games marketing. A really unfortunate move seeing as the game up to this point had done pretty much everything right... Or as right as one can when one is crowdfunded. Now this will be mostly forgotten in a few months but will also be one of these things that detractors will bring up every time they need something to bash the game over. 

Now this i just my own theory but i think they might have needed the fresh cash that this expansion might bring, and that this injection was worth losing some customers over. The game as a pretty fanatical core fan base and many will get this no matter what, So it will absolutely do good things for the company coffers. It will be interesting to see if this will be but a fart in space or something that will slowly erode the fans trust, the next couple of moves from Wild Card will be crucial and i hope they have a plan for this. Because if they did this unaware of what the backlash would be (seeing the name of the expansion i doubt that) they are in deep shit right now. 

Time will tell. 

I am going to round off with saying that i will miss Chris Metzen on the upcoming BlizzCon but that i do not feel that his retirement is not earned. Heck he created such wondrous worlds. 

So Chris, enjoy the good life with the family. 

Take care and be safe.