Celebrating mediocrity... (5k views)

Arn´t they cute.. they are unrelated to today´s post.

So... I hit a sort of milestone. And since i am born in the eighties i always try to celebrate even the small things.

I hit 5k views... Yeah... in total.... Not in a day... or a month.... or even.. sad to say.. a year... No it took about two years.

But that is also way more than i actually thought i was going to get. Sure a part of those are crawlers and other types of trackers. But i am still proud because i kept at it and following through has never been my strongest point when left to my own devices without a concrete goal or deadline.

So i´l try to dig up some digital swag and giver it away later in the week. You know.. to celebrate. =P

So what now...? Not much, i´l keep on trucking and see if we can hit 10k in one year perhaps. Than 15k in six months... who knows.

I have also started to work on a little side project... The guys sitting the the top of the page. Who and what will come at a later date as that is around version 0.5.

So.. Thanks for the time and let us get another 5k views together.



Suicide Squad a review. Spoilers.

So what to say about the Suicide Squad.... 

It is a movie that have some serious problem, but none of them big enough to stop me from enjoying the movie. But first... The plot goes thusly.

Superman have pretty much triggered a new arms race as the world realized that not only where they not prepared for a metahuman (DC´s catch-all term for anything with superpowers) attack but they where woefully unequipped... These events where part of the BvS movie. 

Enter Amanda Waller (played to perfection by Viola Davis, at no point did you doubt that she could and would destroy you) and Task Force X lead by the biggest stick since Scott Summers... Rick Flagg(played by Joel Kinnaman). My guess is that Flagg had his pert in the movie reduced when Tom Hardy dropped out because he literally serve no purpose in the movie. Anyway... Flagg is the commanding "officer" of the task force consisting of the best of the worst. The idea is to send in a bunch of nano-explosive laced criminals to do black op´s missions. If they live and complete the objective they get time off their sentences. If they fail Waller just toss them under the buss and if they start to color outside of the lines... click click boom. Head comes off. Generally speaking at least one member of Suicide Squad tend to bite it when they are sent out. 

I leave it up to you to guess if this movie follow suite. 

So.... Enter the antagonist, A ancient metahuman that the government try to control, this goes about as good as expected. So once the big bad start to fuck up one of DC comics many made up cities Waller activate TF:X and Flagg, a bunch of no-name marines and the self titled Suicide Squad consisting of 
Deadshot (Will Smith, master marksman and single dad) 
Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, amphibian metahuman with heighten strength and durability)
El Diablo (Jay Hernandez, Pyrokenetic gangboss)
Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney, Angry.. really angry.. Throws boomerangs) 
Enchantress (Cara Delevingne, the host of a angry spirit that can do magic.. ish...)
Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie, Crazy as balls acrobat and psychologist)

Flagg also bring in Katana (Karen Fukuhara, Master swordsman with a magic sword) as his enforcer, not a all together bad idea seeing how these are not the most balanced people to begin with. Beyond this point the movie can pretty much be split in to two... One is a average summer action movie and the other is a fairly smartly written drama... neither get the time it needs to really shine. I guess it do not need to tell anyone that the big bad is beaten and everyone is happy... Oh well... Alive... Sort of... Also we have a Joker sub-plot that is fun but also really does not go anywhere.(I´l make a separate post about Jarred Letos Joker.. Lot to say there.)  This is very clearly a origins movie setting up this sub-franchise of the DC CU. 

Now what make the movie a worthwhile watch in my mind is the fact that it does a lot of "show not tell" as far as the characters and their motivations. The action part of the movie is rather useless, it does what it needs and for the most part it is well put together. But seeing how the movie manages to make you feel for the bad guys as wells as the antagonist... Not so much for the big bad... But it belongs to the action part of the movie. The smart use of the bigger DC universe is another, the movie fits in very well and actually makes me more interested in the upcoming movies. There is a genuin warmth in the movie and more than a few really funny moments. The timing and pacing is also nice and the extra credit scene is absolute gold. 

Now i have brought up before (several times.. I know) how much I like the Amanda Waller character and there is not enough praise I can give to Davis for how she make this character work (and álso David Ayer and John Ostrander for actually writing a good character) She has all the menace and stone cold attitude that i always felt that the Arrow version lacked. You get the feeling that she could make even Batman tighten up with a single look... Not to mention the poor generals and politicians she bulldoze in the movie.

It does suffer from traileritis... Much of the early movie have been spoiled by trailers and seeing how the later part holds no real twists worth mentioning... It was annoying, But the great soundtrack from the trailers carry over in to the film it self making up for some of it. 

So to cap it off... It is no Avengers but a much better film than the previous Superman films gave any indication of DC/WB being able to produce. A easy to digest summer popcorn film with a great cast and enough hearth to fill the empty void that BvS left. 


Box over box over Overwatch

So a bunch of people are angry at Blizzard.. again....

And i guess it is kind of justified this time. You see Blizzard have taken the whole Loot Box scheme they have to a new level. Usually you get "gold" that you can use to buy any stuff you do not win form the boxes.

But for the Olympics Blizzard have a new box, with some new skins, sprays, victory poses and stuff. You get these as usual when you level up but here is the kicker. The event is just three weeks long and then the box goes in to the vault until next summer (potentially) and seeing as there is one hundred-ish new items one could understand that people get antsy.

Especially as you can ofc also buy these boxes for the regular price.

Now as someone who have done the seasonal grinds in WoW... I´d gladly pay to be able to get around that. But now for kicker number two. remember how I mentioned that you can use gold to unlock stuff... Not this time... The seasonal items can only be won by the grace of RNGsus.

This last detail is what I guess pushed the most vocal people over the edge as these are generally the same people that invest the most money in the game and by that token have the most "gold" to spend. NOw all that gold have to sit pretty until the next hero is released.

This is of course a calculated move by Blizzard, had people been able to use the gold it would have made a deep cut in to the number of boxes bought. Cynical as it might seem, Blizzard is not anyone's pal... bro... BFF... They are in the habit of trying to make money. You do not make money by giving away all your stuff for free. It would be the morally right choice seeing as we paid full price for the game (but on the flip side... Artist have to eat too., =P )

Now full disclosure, i bought five boxes and i was lucky enough to get exactly what i was looking for. The Torbjörn "IKEA" (in reality called Tre Kronor) skin. So for me the minimal investment i have made compared to the amount of enjoyment i get from using that skin is not even measurable. But i can understand that some people spent a lot and did not get what they wanted and the lack of an option to buy it via the "gold" store just pile on to that frustration. It also i would guess hurts that a new player starting now  or a low level player will have a way easier time to get the new stuff as the XP needed to level up is a lot less before level 20 i think.

Any way, me personally i can not give a flying fuck about any feathers this have ruffled or any slippery slopes people say this is the start of. Sure it is cynical and very much a sign of the times but at the same time i get quality entertainment for pretty much peanuts.

If this is a deal breaker for you, by all means quit and hit up your bank for a charge back... Me i am going to play a short hairy man from Gothenburg dressed as if he feel asleep at a IKEA company Christmas party.



No post today.

Busy with stuff.

Post coming later in the week.

Take care.


Twice burnt... Justice League SDCC trailer

Warner Brother know how to cut a trailer... That much we should all agree upon. Both Man of Steel and BvS had trailers that got me hyped, So does Suicide Squad... And now we have the trailer for Justice League(and Wonder Woman). 

And i am... Well... really really hyped. With out a doubt the trailer at least have all that i wanted, sharp humor, great sets and Ezra Miller, sure he is no Grant Gustin but it seems they are taking the Flash character in a good direction and Ezra is the a perfect fit for that direction. 


As the title hints at i have twice given the WB/DC producers my vote of confidence and twice they have gone out of their way to stick their dick in a wall-socket. I wish i could just give in to the hype and just completely immerse myself in the world. But i honestly fucking hate BvS, i somewhat dislikes Man of Steel but it did have some promise. Sadly that was not delivered upon in BvS. In fact both movies suffer greatly from sloppy editing, and sloppy here should be read as them having cut away too many small movements that set up the greater arcs. This in turn leave the movies annoying and confusing... Not City of bones confusing but way more confusing than i care for. 

So against better knowledge i am hyped for the Justice league movie... But i am also preparing to be disappointed. 

That is why my next movie going experince is one i know what i will get... A really stupid popcorn action comedy... In short.. Ghostbusters. 

So until next time. Stay safe and play nice. 


Pokemon is go

I literally have nothing to say about the app Pokemon GO. Actually that is not entirely true, I have some choice words like piss poor and barley working. But that is in the long and short of it irrelevant because it is not the app it self that have made a impact. 

No it is the sheer social movement behind this barley AR like app that has me scratching my head and in equal measures praise humanity and start question if we should not start hand out "almost Darwin awards". But then again I have been a long time viewer of Radio Dead Air and the show What the fuck is wrong with you... So I have a fairly high bar for the stupidity of people. I am not even going to dignify you with a explanation of what Pokemon GO is, if you somehow have missed it i am utterly impressed. 

Now let us instead do a little mental exercise and I want you to try and remember the last time you saw a huge group of people from all walks of life getting together and sharing... Now try and find one that did not happen due to a tragedy of some kind. 

Pokemon GO have brought people together in a way that give me hope for humanity and show us that despite what media is trying to say, the world is not teetering on the bring of destruction. Not really. 

Of course this crazy will die down soon, give it a month or two and most people will be feed up and the novelty will have worn off. But that will not really matter because it will still have changed the people using it in a small way. And it have opened the eyes of the general public to what Augmented Reality is and what it can do. No longer is it a weird buzz word... OK it is still a weird buzz word but now you can tie it to P:GO and that way make it tangible. That in it self is a victory i think. 

As for all the arsehats and socially misaligned fucknuts, they will also move on to the next way to ruin their own and others life, because that is what they do. 

Then Pokemon GO 2 will come out and we start all over again. 

Until then 

Go forth and conquer. 


First Ghostbuster numbers are in and i have started to watch NCIS:LA

Let me start off with that the early reviews of the new Ghostbusters movie are looking good, sure it seems that it went the road of Star Wars and played it a bit too safe. But to be fair the movie is 30 years old and never had the pop-culture presence that Star Wars had. Now I have stayed away from plot reviews and you can bet your arse on me doing a full review once I go see it. But for now things are looking good and I can´t help but feel a tiny bit smug. 

And now back to your regular scheduled programming.

So having some free time I decided to finally dive in to NCIS: Los Angeles. Having been a fan of the earlier seasons if NCIS and that this series dropped any pretense on being based in reality, it pretty much fixed all the things that annoyed me with the original one. Now the show itself is pretty much what you expect from a crime drama/action show. But what makes me appreciate it is how well it deals with humor, especially the character of Hetty. Hetty is the operational manager (aka big boss) and is played by the amazing Linda Hunt. Now Linda Hunt is a short woman and the series use this to the max by not only playing with our established idea of power and the attributes tied in to it. The writers also elegantly weave jokes about the fact that she is short in to the story in such a way that it empowers and even humanize the character. This is sadly an uncommon occurrence in modern day TV. Way to often I see writers lean on broad stereotypes and go for the simple laughs. As an overweight person myself, I belong to a group that way too often see this treatment. In general overweight males end up in one of three groups. The creep, the looser or most often… the punchline.


So to see a show that actually use a none normative character, putting a female with a look and stature that would normally exclude her from playing powerful roles as not only a strong lead but also write her as someone who has seen it all and have favors to call in from pretty much everyone. It is refreshing. Now I am only in season two (of eight) at this point so it might change but if so, at least they did it. We need more thinking like that. Breaking down the typical image of how things are “supposed” to be. Because stagnation is not good for anything. 

This is perhaps the biggest responsibility we have as a generation. We are now moving in to power and society has never been more open. We hold the keys to forming a new order of things. Don´t believe the knuckledraggers who try to paint equality and acceptance as something negative and dangerous. Don´t buy in to the idea that the goal is precis and absolute balance and thus an impossible goal.  It is about giving everybody the same basic chance and not provide a fast lane just because the person have dick. There will always be way to buy in to a fast lane, sail a gravy boat up the river privilege. But how about we try to widen that lane.

Also for the fucking love of all that is holy…..
Who someone is and what they do should not be a concern of you as long as they are not hurting anyone. I know it is easy to fall back on threats and false bravado when faced with something that if different. Heck I do it myself sometimes, for an example I have at points wished bodily harm on people like the core of Westborough Baptist church and other right wing conservatives. But then I remind myself that abuse is the only language they speak and it would have no effect. Violence does not solve anything, not really.

Ok that became a bit political… but hey fuck it… this is my blog and if you do not like it you can write a comment and tell me so. We do after all live in a free world.