Dr Who you said S8E4 Listen (Spoild spoilers)

Stay for a while, and listen. 

Listen is a much improved episode from the last one. It has a very nice tension and to my delight refrain from any obvious jump scares. It keeps on building tension pretty much right up to the end. Unfortunately the end goes a bit… I would say off the deep end but this is in my mind more along the lines of rocket-assisted swan dive. 

Any way the episode begins with the doctor in rant mode as he is trying to work out if there is in fact something under our bed, that everyone at one time or another has the same dream and that there very well could be a kind of being that live it´s life hiding. After all if someone is a master of hiding, how would you ever know? I like this premise as it has that same kind of slow creed as the Angels have. It sits up a very nice scene.

We then cut to Clara and after some back and forth finds out that she is on a date with Danny Pink, Dan is very weird and the way he delivers his line and they cut the scenes with him still lead me to believe that there is something up with him. Could also be that he is the red herring. Any way the Doctor and Clara sets out to visit young Clara at the point she has the dream of someone under her bed for the first time in order to see if there is actually someone there.

It is safe to say that things to awry and they end up in Dan´s past instead but it is ok as the plot works any way by the way of deus ex TARDIS (it is established that the TARDIS always take the doctor to where he is needed.. no matter if he knows it or not… Because free will is overrated. ) So Clara pretty much set her future FRI up with a serious of ticks, but as it will turn out later this was the least of her sins. The Doctor and Clara leave after anti-confronting the thing that was supposedly hiding under Dannys´s bed. It is not too big of a stretch that this will somehow have a payoff later but for now we leave it there. Clara try to go back and patch things up with Dan after having stormed out on him earlier but ends up making things even worse. The Doctor on the other hand have picked up Dan´s grand-grandson or some such after the TARDIS pointed out that he might be important. More mystery ensues and Clara is forced to fly the TARDIS… And here is where the plot lost me completely…

You see she lands more or less under the bed of the boy that will become the Doctor… She is literally the cause for this entire episode as her being there is what sets of the Doctor and what he was thinking about in the past-future and apparently the source of some strong ideological conviction of the Doctor. Wibbely-wobbely in deed.

But all in all this is a very solid episode. Pacing is good and the banter between the Doctor and Clara is very good. Danny is interesting character on his own and while Clara more than once fall in to the mother cliché she if a fairly well rounded character in this episode. I also like that it was a creepier episode that did not rely on jump scares and gimmicks but rather worked with the suspense and ambiance to build tension. It is also really fun to see a slightly less dominant Doctor. Also extra bonus point for the very small scene when the doctor puts down the sonic screwdriver and picks up a regular one… That brought a real honest smile. 

So the theme for this episode is absolute about facing your fear and turning it to a strength… It is literally spelled out for us at least twice. But it is a good message and a decent thing to build a plot around. Next episode seems to be a light hearted thing but more about that next time.


Nerdblock September unboxing

So thanks for the magic of friendship I have the opportunity to open a Nerdblock box from nerdblock.com. So what is Nerdblock. Well it is the same basic ideas as the LootCrate (or vice versa… Not sure what crate was first on the market) But unlike the LootCrate, Nerdblock is often less themed and have a greater range of products in each box. But on the other hand they have different fixed themes that you can subscribe too. At this point they are Nerdblock Classic (this one) Nerblock Jr boys/girls more aimed at children, Nerdblock Horror and Nerdblcok Arcade (new theme released this month) This is both a blessing and a curse in my mind as it results in very uneven boxes that it can be hard to anticipate in the classics line and the themed boxes can be a bit to narrow. You can click the link above for a more in-depth description of what these nerd subscription boxes are.

So let´s dig in to the box. 

And let me preface this with that the box is really sturdy and well-sealed, that is why it looks like it does now. But they list the content of the box on the top packaging slip so unless you want your surprise spoiled you might want to rip it away or in other ways cover it. 

Opening the crate things are laid out roughly as you see them here. But I forgot to take a before image so everything is opened. Nerdblock ship all items in the original boxes in case you like to display them that way. So no worries. 

First up we have a Spiderman blind-bag mini-figure from MegaBloks these comes sealed in a bag (duh…) and you do not know before opening it what you get. MegaBloks is a LEGO type product that are big in to licensed sets. Their figures are bigger and more articulated then regular LEGO figures. But for a size reference that block he stand on is a normal sized LEGO brick. 

Next up we have a Nerdblock branded stress-ball shaped as a brain. A fun and goofy little thing that I guess can work very well as a conversation starter at your workplace or study hall. Beyond that it is fairly unremarkable. But a good solid stress-ball. 

This is a Scribblenauts Unmasked mini-figure. These also come as a blind box. They have a surprising amount of articulation for something that is 7 cm tall. It is hard to see but the stand is shaped as a notebook. While I would not pick one of these up my self it is a very nice figure and since my Groot was quickly claimed, I have counter claimed this one to go on my nerd-shelf. It now hangs out with Raphael and the Sunflower and Traffic cone zombie from Plants vs Zombies. 

 This is probably the most adorable pox you will ever encounter. From a plush toy line called Giantmicrobes, we have Syphilis. Is it not adorable? The idea with Giant microbes is that they are giant soft toy reproductions of microbes (again.. duh…) but with eyes and sometimes faces. As slightly morbid as these are I think that they are a perfect gift to anyone with a sense of humor. Go on kids, go play with your new Syphilis. 


Next up is a T-Shirt with a Guardians of the galaxy inspired print. If you still have not seen the movie and want to understand why everyone is going ga-ga over it hit THIS link and read my review. But if you have seen the movie you will get a lot of the references and like me you will feel a strong need to have it. Well tough luck because these are a special print made for Nerdblock. 

 Last but not least we have a papercraft set for teenage mutant ninja turtles. Papercraft is what would happen if your cut-out dolls got together with origami and made sweet sweet love. You fold, crinkle and wrinkle these figures from the provided sheets of paper and make small play sets. These in particular comes from Funko and you can see their very stylish POP! design in these sets.

Included was also some facts sheets about the products.

This was a very coherent Nerdblock with a clear superhero theme and I liked the content. Not very much I would have picked up my self but that is half of the fun with these boxes. You get stuff you might enjoy but never would have picked up on your own. While I still like the LootCrate better due to a stronger theme on each box this is a very good box to get if you want a more random approach and the fact that you can get themed boxes like the blue and pink (yes they call them boys and girls boxes but I am being PK and difficult) or the horror and newly released arcade boxes still give you more control over what type of content you like to see in your box.

So head over to nerdblock.com and see if this is something for you. There you can also see past boxes and get a better idea of what you are buyi


Dr Who you said s8e3 Robot of Sherwood (Spoiiiiiiiiler)

I… I am not sure where to begin with this one. The Doctor goes to the Sherwood Forest… Errol Flynn wannabe happens… Men get merry and some aliens hide in a castle that turns out to be a spaceship.

That is about it…

Not a strong episode in my mind but I have to give the writers credits for figuring out a way to bring the Doctor and Robin Hood face to face without it breaking down in to meta-brawling. Compared to the last episode this is candy floss and have about as much staying power. Now I am not against a silly Dt Who episode every now and then but we seem to be in to a pattern of silly-serious-silly and that make the show sort of predictable. 

Candy floss... Not related to Dr Who...

So how did they do it… Well the aliens simply created a persona to give the people hope as people with hope cope a lot better with the hardships of being robbed blind and used as slave labor.  That persona was Robin Hood, and then man turned in to myth, myth in to legend and presto…

Now don´t get me wrong, the episode itself is very well written and the banter is flowing fairly well and most of the time it is awkward, it is because it was written that way. I guess the theme could be said to be how to hold hope and be the person you need to be. While this episode have a lot less impact on the Doctor it works to reinforce that the Doctor is a force for good even if he has to do bad things form time to time.

I wish I had a more in-depth take on this episode but I did really not like it and I am not all that inclined to watch it again.

Also I am sorry for the delay but things came in the way the previous week. This week I will be on time and hopefully back in full swing.